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  Welcome to! introduces an exciting new concept into the process of finding out about where and what to study in Vancouver. The objective of VanStudy is to provide the most update educational information in the Greater Vancouver area, and help you to book a program online --- easy, quick, safe, and even more affordable than you enroll directly from the schools!

Check the links to find websites dedicated to all major areas and from there you can select suitable institutions to examine. There are Universities, Colleges, Career Colleges, ESL schools, and high schools.

Many students are now choosing to VanStudy because of a number of reasons. These include the convenience of booking a program, the best price they can get, and the high quality of Canadian education. There is also the added bonus of a magnificent natural environment and a well-established network of student support systems. Have a look and see what VanStudy has to offer you.


  Why Study in Vancouver?

Deciding to study in Vancouver, BC, the largest city in west Canada, means you will be studying in what has been voted the "World's Most Livable City" and is famous as the Multicultural Capital of Canada.
Vancouver and British Columbia are home to the finest of the educational institutions in Canada. Study in Vancouver is perfect at any level of study, be it English lessons, Diploma, Bachelor, Masters, or Doctorate.
When you want a break from the study in Vancouver Canada you can enjoy the very best in entertainment and artistic activities with many international and local sporting events, activities and festivals throughout the year.

  Vancouver Universities

Vancouver universities are highly respected around the world and if you want to study in a Vancouver university you will find one to satisfy your requirements in providing internationally recognized qualifications in almost every field.

The decision about which of the Vancouver universities is the most suitable can be made by thinking about what academic area you want to study. If you choose to attend one of the universities in Vancouver you can already be sure you are getting a quality education so the only important decision to make is the area of study and the particular study program to be followed.



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